Herefordshire Wildlife Trust Online Talk: Hereford Green Network – The Great Collaboration

If you missed HGN at Helen’s Garden Festival, then here is an opportunity to find out about The Great Collaboration as well as how you can help support the work that we do.

On Wednesday 7th July from 7.00pm-8.30pm we will be talking about this inspirational project which aims to support local councils and their communities. The Great Collaboration project from HGN is an innovative format designed specifically to support the Parish Councils. Through this project, community representatives are able to not only receive the practical tools and resources they need in order to instigate change, but the specific insight and data they require in order to react and respond to very local needs. By being specific and tailored in this way, residents can be supported in the areas where they need it most with investment or education on the journey to zero carbon. This holistic approach allows individuals and small businesses to make their desired lifestyle changes.

The event is hosted by the Herefordshire Wildlife Trust- to book your place please click here.

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