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Guest speaker Mark Bennett : Cryptocurrencies!
Cryptocurrencies – are they a fad of internet funny money or are they the future of all currencies?

Cryptocurrencies are a multi-faceted complex subject, so this presentation will be aimed at giving just a simple overview to the uninitiated touching on a comparison of the current financial system, the origins of Bitcoin, the impact on the environment, risks involved, as well as an indication of the options available to the public who are looking to dip their toes in the mysterious waters of the Cryptoverse.

What do you think?

A large, far reaching subject with enormous potential for good,  also misuse up to the level of state control of the whole populace! Planning to have two sessions on this to allow plenty of time for  questions, ensuing discussion and picking up on points raised in the second session with further presentation.
ZOOM link and further details to follow.

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