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Wednesday 30 June : Cotton tax!?
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Summary of last Wednesday’s DE : Our river Wye, pollution problems.
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WEDNESDAY 30 JUNE 2021 Cotton Tax?!
I shall give a short presentation about the world trade in cotton, its production and consumption, and their environmental impacts. Cotton is a valuable cash crop but requires very large quantities of the increasingly scarce resource of water, much use of pesticides and herbicides and is a significant element of excessive consumption in the west. Should we introduce a cotton tax equivalent to the sugar tax to reduce excessive consumption and waste? It will be brief, highlighting a range of concerns, giving much time for us to discuss, explore our views and what policies should be developed.

DKP: Cotton Tax?!
Time: Jun 30, 2021 19:30 London
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JULY and AUGUST : We shall have a summer break; starting up again, on ZOOM in the first instance, Wednesday 1 September 2021.
Ideas for future Discussion Evenings would be most welcome! We would gladly be a platform for you to present an issue of interest or concern for discussion!

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