News from Transition Leominster

Transition Leominster have sent in some dates for your diaries:
“Trials and tribulations of a trail champion”
Friday 1 April, 7pm at Grange Court, Leominster.
Les Lumsdon, Professor of Tourism, a public transport campaigner, a designer of many walking trails, and a Walking Strategy for Wales.
Les will draw on his experience of work on walking routes in the Marches and across Europe. A pioneer in researching slow travel and an advocate of sustainable tourism, he has long argued that Herefordshire is an ideal destination to encourage walking and wellbeing. He will invite discussion on his themes and ask if this is the right time to drive forward this vision.

FREE launch event to find out about Community Flood Resilience in the West Midlands. (Poster below)

Wednesday 6th April 7pm – 8pm
For more details and online registration Click here

Repair Café, Leominster Community Centre
Saturday 9th April 10am – 12.30 pm (repair pick up time)
Portable household items, tools & toys, especially welcome, but not TVs or microwaves.
This will be a drop off repair café.
Items will be assessed & repaired if possible, then collected/returned as arranged with owners. Visitors must wear a mask.

Volunteers welcome. For further information,

Tuesday 26th April First session summer term of Leominster Community Choir

From the Transition Network:
Join Transition Network’s glorious 10-day online gathering “Together We Can” this May,  to celebrate and super-charge the power of communities to reimagine and rebuild our world!
They want you to be part of their assembly of top activists and thinkers taking part in some 25 sessions carefully crafted to nurture, build and inspire you and your group. Expect insightful talks, interactive workshops and captivating speakers on a breadth of issues from vertical growing to healing trauma, imaginative resistance to doughnut economics, rewilding to creating a thriving social economy.
For further information, e-mail: