BUILDING SENSE Webinar Recordings

The year is winding down towards the Christmas break and next week’s newsletter will be the last for 2022. Look out for some inspirational suggestions for New Year resolutions from members of the HGN Steering Group next week. In this newsletter you will find details of events coming up in January including a traditional Wassail in Leominster and talks on moths and ponds.

The prolonged period of cold weather that we are currently experiencing highlights the importance of having a well insulated, draught free house, otherwise the heat that is put into a house simply escapes to the outside, leaving the occupants feeling cold and uncomfortable with escalating heating bills. HGN’s BUILDING SENSE project has never seemed more pertinent, as it addresses, through a series of webinars, ways of tackling heat loss, and heating efficiency.

Members who missed any of the BUILDING SENSE webinars, or would like to see them again, can access recordings of the events under the ‘Our Projects’ tab on the HGN website. These include sessions on woodburners and how to use them efficiently; how to set your boiler controls for maximum efficiency; an explanation of where houses lose heat and DIY suggestions to reduce that heat loss plus lots more. To view any of these recordings, Click here

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