HGN Online Gathering – Talk by Flight Free UK

Join us on Wednesday 6th April at 5.30pm for an online talk from the campaign group Flight Free UK to hear about their campaign and what they are trying to achieve. The talk will cover the environmental impact of flying (even committed environmentalists don’t always know this) and will let people know what they can do about it and inspire them to sign up to the pledge to go Flight Free.

Hear inspiring stories of people’s overland travels (and tell us your own stories) and reasons for taking the pledge. Find out the statistics behind the campaign – things like, what makes a frequent flyer, and  how much tax airlines pay – the kind of facts that are useful to  anyone who gets into a conversation about aviation with those around them.

The Flight Free campaign aims to reach 10,000 pledges this year. One of the actions of The Great Collaboration is to cut out flying, so join this FREE talk to find out how to achieve this and how to help spread the word. Our actions have much more impact when we share them with others, and that’s the idea here – to encourage people to join the campaign and share it with their friends and family.
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