HGN Video – Why are we here and what do we do?

The Herefordshire Green Network was fortunate to be invited to talk at Hellen’s Garden Festival in June and again for the Herefordshire Wildlife Trust in July. The video has now been added to our YouTube channel and we think it’s a pretty good summary of everything we do.


In these sessions we outlined the role of the Herefordshire Green Network and explained the various projects that we have been involved in such as: ‘Building Sense- creating comfort, cutting carbon’ and ‘The Great Collaboration Portal’.

If you’d like to know more about what we do, why you should join our network, how you can begin conversations with your local council and practical actions you can take, then please take a look.


The link to the video can be found here. There are an array of other videos to browse through on our YouTube channel and if you have any questions please contact Beth Williamson via events@hgnetwork.org