Blowing Our Own Trumpet

Herefordshire Green Network is a group that exists for its members and supporters. We provide a means for environmental groups to connect with each other, share news and information, and find out about events and actions that are taking place around the county. We encourage individuals to join us, to learn more about environmental issues, to contribute their knowledge and to find out about opportunities to get involved. It is only through the exchange of ideas that change will take place – and change is desperately needed at the moment.

  • HGN’s two major projects are BUILDING SENSE, which addresses problems with energy- inefficient housing, and The Great Collaboration which works with parish  councils throughout the county to encourage and enable change within local communities.
  • Our website provides resources from both of these projects, freely available. We are currently improving other aspects of the website to ensure it is an even better source of information on all green issues.
  • We run regular online and in-person meetings on subjects of interest – look out for details of the forthcoming programme in future newsletters
  • Our weekly newsletter is widely acknowledged to be a valuable, topical update.

So why have we started this newsletter by blowing our own trumpet?

To remind you of all the benefits you receive from HGN if you join us. We receive grant funding for specific projects but this funding does not cover our day-to-day running costs whereas membership donations can be used when and wherever needed and so are a particularly valuable source of income.

Our membership year now runs from September to August. Please renew your support for HGN now by visiting the Membership Page on our website and clicking on the tab for Group Membership or Individual Membership. You will find a streamlined sign-up process, and easier ways to donate. Individuals can include Gift Aid in their donation which increases HGN’s income at no cost to you. If you can give a regular, monthly amount, this is a huge benefit to us. If you are already supporting us with a regular donation – thank you.

CLICK HERE to go to our Membership page to start or renew your membership of HGN.

Thank you for support. Without you, HGN would not exist. 




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