Out-with Herefordshire

The work that HGN does is not unique, nor does it happen in isolation. Environmental issues do not stop at county, or even national borders and networking and sharing ideas is a vital part of addressing these issues.  Our Great Collaboration project has shared ideas with, learnt from, and inspired similar projects in other parts of the country. In an occasional series in this newsletter – entitled ‘Out-with Herefordshire’ because the projects are outside the county, but with HGN in spirit – we will focus on inspirational projects from elsewhere in Britain.

In the first of the series, the focus is on The Long Table in Stroud, Gloucestershire. Set up by two friends, the CIC addresses the issues of food waste, local food sourcing and social isolation and inequality. One of its core elements is eating together, at a long table, locally grown and cooked food, and paying what you feel can. The project’s activities changed during the pandemic and have expanded to include learning to cook sessions and similar projects set up at other venues. Click here to read more.

If you know of an inspirational project that you feel should feature in this section of the newsletter, please contact Rachel at admin@hgnetwork.org

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