Osun Arts is looking for volunteers

New HGN member, Osun Arts, was formed in 1992 and became a charity in 1994. Based in the northwest, they work to educate children & adults in African Arts across the country through schools, theatres, community centres, artistically engaging them, teaching, mentoring, and enriching their lives.
They run workshops and present innovative theatre productions using costumes & cultural props that enable cultural understanding & social integration. In their work, they create a learning experience, providing quality performances, exhibitions & training in African music, dance, visual arts, and African cultural orientation which equips participants with knowledge that enables them to have access to a world never accessed before. These are done within the community spaces to be effective and through it, they encourage debates concerning all aspects of African arts & culture. They monitor & evaluate to improve their performances to achieve good practice.
They are planning to work in and around Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Shropshire, and Mid-wales in schools, community centres, and theatres and are looking for volunteers to contact the venues and book their visits to the schools, community centres and theatres. The volunteers will help Osun Arts Foundation achieve this tour. Osun Arts will supply the volunteers with all the necessary information to make the work easier.
If you are interested in volunteering to book venues and to help their work in Herefordshire and surrounding counties, e-mail them on info@osunarts.co.uk or phone 0151 922 2911
For more information about Osun Arts, Click here to have a look at their website

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