“The Big One”

This is an invitation to join “The Big One” from April 21st to impress on Parliament the need to take effective action in response to the Climate Emergency.
The Big One is a different event: It’s collaborative. This is not about disrupting the public and it’s not about identity. This is citizens from all walks of life, professionals, union members, religious groups, families – anyone who cares and that means everyone – having a say in their future.
A recent survey showed that 66% of the public support non-violent direct action to protect the environment.
On April 21st to the 24th, tens of thousands of people will gather outside Parliament to demand an end to the fossil fuel era and for a citizen-led transformation towards a fair society that includes reparations. The government is opening new coal mines and giving billions of public money every year to the fossil fuel industry. This must change. Climate breakdown is already devastating and it’s going to get much worse. How bad depends on what we do now. There are two ways out of the current economic and energy crisis: double down on fossil fuels and write off our future, or change what’s broken and invest in hope. People can only hope for things that they’re willing to reach for. This is it.

Crucially XR need people to sign up – Click here – and say which days you’re able to attend from 21st-24th April.
Transport and accommodation are being organised by XR Marches so please let them know if help is needed to take part in The Big One.  They would be very happy to come to a meeting to explain the plans and answer questions. Don’t hesitate to ask. Contact Larry on 07932974599 or via social media (Facebook: Extinction Rebellion Marches, Twitter: @XRMarches)