News from Transition Leominster.

Don’t Forget: This Saturday 16th of October 10 am-4pm – Apple Fair at Leominster Priory

From the Big Solar Co-op:
The Big Solar Co-op is a new co-op providing a way for eco groups to add community solar to the list of things they can do locally without having to reinvent the wheel. It is designed to help people and groups get up and running with solar with a shot in the arm of resources, training and a business model that works in the wonderful world of post-subsidy solar. We have an ambitious target of 100MWp of new rooftop solar across the UK by 2025. Post-subsidy, not for profit, community energy.
You are warmly invited to our Big Solar Gathering in Birmingham on the 18th of October. Come ready to ask questions, learn new skills and leave feeling empowered! The agenda is on our website and you can expect to find things like this:

  • Find out how we are working alongside Community Energy Birmingham to revitalise community solar in the city and create a new paid role
  • Launch of the new Big Solar Co-op structure – putting volunteers in the driving seat
  • Extended clinic sessions where you can ask an expert your questions on solar design, legal agreements, approaching host sites and more
  • New ways to get volunteers involved and support them to deliver solar in their neighbourhood and beyond

 🍆🍅🥦🥕 And…a tasty veggie lunch! 🍆🍅🥦🥕

To register Click here

Please join our mailing list and follow our social media links below if you would like to know more about the Big Solar Co-op as we develop.

And in the same field of interest from Power for People:

Public concern about the climate crisis has doubled, according to a recent survey. Meanwhile, rising energy costs could push half a million additional households into fuel poverty this winter.

Community renewable energy has huge potential to help tackle both of these issues – by reducing climate emissions and raising funds to support vulnerable people. But it is being blocked by outdated regulations and unfair costs.

The graph below illustrates just how much of community energy’s remarkable potential is being wasted.

If made law, the Local Electricity Bill would remove the blockage by creating a Right to Local Supply, empowering community energy groups to sell their power locally. This would help achieve an estimated twentyfold increase in community renewable energy. We need your help to make it happen. Please send an email to your MP, Bill Wiggin, asking him to ‘Please support the Local Electricity Bill.

Write to Your MP

This is worth doing. Other MPs who had previously said ‘no’ to supporting the Bill have recently said ‘yes’. 265 MPs are now supportive – that’s close to half the House of Commons!Here are some points to consider when writing your email:

  • Be polite and to-the-point
  • Say why you think the Bill is important and highlight potential benefits for your local community, e.g. skilled jobs
  • Mention that the Bill is supported by a cross-party group of 265 MPs
  • Include your address so that your MP knows you are a local constituent

Please send us any reply you receive from your MP. We can help you engage effectively with him. Do get in touch if you would like further advice. Together we can transform things.