News from our BUILDING SENSE initiative

Home energy assessments from Severn Wye Energy Agency. We know that lots of people are looking for reliable energy assessments and advice for their homes – so it’s great to be able to let you know that Severn Wye Energy Agency have now launched a paid-for service in addition to the work they do as part of Keep Herefordshire Warm. There’s a whole range of options to suit different requirements – check out their offering here
It took us a little while (!) but the video recording of our HEAT PUMPS session with John Cantor and Dominic McCann is now online. If you’re wondering about a heat pump be sure to watch – or watch again – Click Here  The main learning is to get well insulated and a smaller heat pump, rather than put a large heat pump (with years of high electricity consumption) into an uninsulated building.
Meanwhile we’ve been hugely busy with a funding application that – if successful – could see the rollout of a big training initiative for Herefordshire’s building professionals to really focus on energy performance and then bring that additional expertise to retrofit and new build work across the county. Keep your fingers crossed!

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