Green Open Doors 1st and 2nd October

With prices going sky-high, energy saving and energy efficiency are at the top of the agenda for many people. The top four posts in this newsletter relate to this issue, offering practical advice and exemplars for members, starting with two events next weekend:  

Thinking of making your home more energy efficient? See what your neighbours are doing on the 1st & 2nd October! 

There’s nothing quite like seeing something for yourself – especially when you’re thinking of making your home more energy efficient or installing ‘green’ technologies. Numerous homes across the County are opening their doors next month. Over the first weekend, the 1st & 2nd October, you’ll find all sorts of different homes that are energy efficient in different ways;

  • a Passivhaus new build in Hereford
  • a detached home with swimming pool in Cradley
  • a 1960’s bungalow in Ledbury
  • a former stone agricultural building in Peterchurch retrofitted with sustainable materials
  • an Enerphit certified passive house retrofit of a 1838 cottage in Little Birch
  • and a passive house standard retrofit of a 1930’s bungalow in Malvern

Find out where they are and how to visit here.

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