Herefordshire Food Alliance News

The Herefordshire Food Alliance is a broad network working towards sustainable food here in Herefordshire with overlapping aims to the Herefordshire Green Network including ‘farming for the planet’, ‘ending food waste’ and ‘A local food movement’

Herefordshire Food Alliance is launching three Autumn Feasts this Sunday at Townsend Farm, home of inspirational farmer Regen Ben. Their challenge is THREE feasts – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner – all 100% Herefordshire because you need a farmer 3 times a day!

Click here for more information and to book tickets for all three events. The first event is:

Breakfast – at Townsend Farm Sunday 22nd October.
9am – Come say hi, meet Regen Ben, Herefordshire Meadows, Growing Local and have a wander round the amazing mural and other activities on farm
9.30-10.30 – Brekkie courtesy of @bentd76 (Townsend Farm) @wildcowdairy (Bromyard) and @chapelhouse_farm (Craswall) plus more!
10 – Quizzes and more with ‘Regen Ben’
10.30 – Farm walk with ‘Regen Ben’ – find out how he’s building soil and diversity in the plants and wildlife on the farmTickets £15 per adult
FREE TICKETS FOR: u16s / Herefordshire caterers, restaurants etc / Herefordshire Farmers / Low incomes. Get in touch!
Transport provided from ROSS HEREFORD and LEDBURY – use the ticket to let HFA know that you would like transport

And there are FREE TICKETS for breakfast for anyone organising, helping at green / environmental / community events in the county as a volunteer.

The link for free tickets is here, and please let us know if you need transport too, either in the ticket booking or by emailing Transport will be provided from ROSS HEREFORD and LEDBURY – use the
Food and how we grow it is a key way to build the County’s nature and reduce carbon. Come find out more and enjoy some great Herefordshire food.
The following week we’ll be having COMPLETELY FREE plant based fun with Madame Zucchini and Kids Kitchen in Kington!
There’s more news on the food alliance blog including news of a big national conversation about food – people really are hungry for change! and a petition for supermarkets and parliament about getting fair on farming.