YOU MAY BE ELIGIBLE FOR energy efficiency grant funding – SO DON’T ASSUME YOU’RE NOT!

Eligibility criteria: available to Herefordshire homeowners with oil central heating (or other off-gas fuels) an EPC of D or below, and with total household income below £31,000 per year (nb your savings are irrelevant) or on means-tested benefits.  Click here to find out more.

Appeal for Green Doors

Will you open your energy efficient home in October to help others to improve theirs?

Once again Herefordshire Green Network is supporting Future Ready Homes with one of their most inspiring and popular events — Green Doors. This October green homes across Herefordshire, Shropshire and Powys will open their doors to inspire their local communities to retrofit their homes for money, carbon and comfort benefits. This year we plan to make it bigger and better than before with more homes, more marketing and more visitors inspired to make their homes energy efficient. So we need your home!

 What is Green Doors and why does it work?

Owners of green homes — those that they’ve retrofit in some way with alterations to the fabric (double/ triple glazing, considerable internal or external wall insulation, draft proofing…) or the addition of green tech (solar PV, thermal and batteries, heat pumps etc.) open their doors for 1 day or more to share their retrofit experiences with their local communities, inspiring them to do the same. 

It will be running for 3 consecutive weekends in October from the 14th/15th. By joining in with Green Doors you’re supporting the retrofit movement making a HUGE impact reducing carbon emissions, not to mention that leaky homes are expensive to run and/or uncomfortable to live in and can have detrimental impacts on health and wellbeing. Retrofit ticks a lot of incredibly important boxes. 

 How much money do you really save if you have solar panels – and a battery?

What’s it like to actually live with an air source heat pump?

How do you insulate your walls to make your home really cosy – and reduce your energy bills?

Green doors works so well because retrofit isn’t straightforward, people have lots of questions and often lack the confidence to go ahead and do it. It can be complex and costly and often includes a move into green technology – a scary idea for some. Being able to see a house like your own that has been retrofit, and talk to people like you that have been through it all before — with no sales patter — is reassuring and inspiring. 

If you’d like to take part, please fill in  a few details about your home HERE and please spread the word to encourage others to take part. We’d love to see a green door open on every street!