HGN wants to Hear from You

As we adjust to life post-pandemic, HGN would like your help in planning our future activities. What is the new ‘normal’ for you? Does it mean meeting in person, to hear a presentation or to share ideas? Or do you want to continue to meet via Zoom? Do you miss the social interactions when we all gather together? Is that outweighed by the convenience of logging on to a screen from the comfort of your own home?

E-mail Rachel on admin@hgnetwork.org to let us know your thoughts. If you have suggestions for topics for future discussions, we would love to hear those too. And if you would like to be more involved, by joining the Steering Group for HGN, get in touch and we can tell you what this voluntary role entails.

Any thoughts and ideas very welcome.

And to start things off, see the next post for advance notification of the next HGN Gathering on the subject of Food….

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