The Great Collaboration – Event next week

The Great Collaboration would like to introduce you to StayGreen.

Our next workshop event will held on Wednesday 8th June from 6.30pm-8.00pm. As well as providing you with some updates from The Great Collaboration project, we’d like to introduce you to an incredibly useful initiative which is designed to offer Local Councils practical help.

StayGreen is a website and toolkit designed to help Town, Parish & Community Councils identify and implement ‘best practice’ sustainability policies. Town, Parish and Community Councils cover around a third of the nation’s landmass and have a cumulative budget in the region of £1 billion. They are also closely connected to their communities and therefore well placed to lead on sustainability actions.

The project is led by Nicholas Solman who is both a Research Fellow at Warwick Business School and a Parish Councillor in Long Itchington. Initial work came from the need to develop a sustainability plan for the parish but the inability to find relevant, parish-specific resources to aid the task. To date, StayGreen has received funding from research councils through the University of Warwick, with the most recent round of funding allowing for the short-term employment of 12 research assistants to help to complete the sustainability matrix.

Work on the project began with a literature review and engagement with local councils to ensure the tool was both relevant and accessible for its intended audience. StayGreen have also engaged with a broad range of national stakeholders during the design process. This widespread consultation has ensured that StayGreen is focussed on ‘best practice’, while also creating a network of potential partners and collaborators for the future.

The Great Collaboration updates.

During the workshop we will be taking you through the latest developments from The Great Collaboration. We have made so much progress in the last few months and this will be an opportunity for you to hear all about it.

This event will be held on Wednesday 8th June 6.30pm-8.00pm. Please click the Eventbrite link below to register your interest.

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