Hereford City Masterplan

Shaping the future of Hereford – have your say

Hereford is a vibrant, attractive city, with a rich history and thriving local economy. But there are challenges to address for the city to continue to thrive in the future. Herefordshire Council is developing a detailed masterplan for Hereford that celebrates the city’s character and provides a blueprint for making it an even better place to live, work in and visit in the future – and they’d like to hear your views.

·       You can find out more and have your say

·       Alternatively, visit the public exhibition showing the emerging masterplan proposals at Maylord Orchards Shopping Centre in Hereford. The exhibition runs until 3 February 2023 during shopping centre opening hours. Comments cards will be available, with a Freepost address so there is no need for a stamp – or visitors can provide their comment online.

The exhibition materials will also be displayed in market towns near to Hereford to make it easy for those living or working outside the city to visit. Dates, times and venue locations will be publicised online. To see them, Click here.

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