BUILDING SENSE EVENT – Gas Boiler Driving Lessons 26 January at 5.30pm, online. 

The next event from BUILDING SENSE – CREATING COMFORT AND CUTTING CARBON is on 26 January at 5.30pm, online. 
Gas boiler driving lessons – less gas, less carbon, lower bills

One day, you’ll probably switch away from a gas boiler (mains or LPG). Meanwhile, the boiler just hangs on the wall and does its thing. Yet ‘driving’ it more efficiently could cut your gas consumption by about 15%. Your bills too. And it might make your house more comfortable, with more even temperatures.

How much do you know about the boiler’s settings? Or its controls? Is your condensing boiler actually condensing?

Are you worried your gas boiler is going to be banned and you don’t know how you’ll then heat your home? Have you been told your current boiler ‘will need to be replaced soon’ but don’t want – or can’t afford – to install a new one?

Are you thinking that a heat pump might be the next step, but aren’t sure of the way to get there?

Join our experts Jo Alsop and Caroline Williams from the Heating Hub as they explain how to get the best from your boiler now, and how to plan a pathway to heating in the future.

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