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Memberships of HGN are now due for renewal and you will shortly be receiving an e-mail with full renewal details. We now offer easier ways to pay, both for individuals and for our member groups. Membership payments can be made by BACS, or using Localgiving, which is a website that enables donations to charities and community groups. One of the benefits of both BACS and Localgiving is that you can make a regular, weekly or monthly donation which allows HGN to plan our future direction as we know what regular funding we will have for our work. You can also increase the value of your donation at no cost to yourself by Gift Aiding it.

The reports of extreme temperatures, horrendous wildfires and flooding around the world and the melting of the Antarctic ice which has lead to the death of thousands of Emperor Penguin chicks really bring home the urgency of actions needed to bring the world back into kilter. Never has the mantra ‘Think Global, Act Local’ seemed more appropriate.  If you are able to make a regular donation, please do so – even a small amount on a regular basis will make a huge difference to HGN’s ability to work for the environment and for nature around the county.

To renew your membership, go to our website or Click here to go straight to the Registration Page. Individuals can sign up to receive our newsletter, but we urge you to click on to the next part of the renewal process and make a donation.

If you have already renewed and supported HGN financially, Thank You.

HGN exists for its members, and would not exist without you.

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