Flight Free 2022 

The campaign, Flight Free UK. asks people to take a year off flying to reduce carbon emissions and create a social shift away from aviation. The campaign group believe that not flying is the most powerful action an individual can take to reduce their carbon emissions. They have just launched their pledge for 2022.

The past eighteen months have been difficult for many, and a very different picture for aviation. Many people have stayed grounded, not through choice, but through necessity. Positive climate action is much more meaningful when people make an informed decision to fly less, or not at all, and making those decisions will lead to genuine behaviour change and a shift in the narrative around travel.

The flight free pledge makes it clear that people are making a positive choice for the climate.

The campaign knows that everyone’s circumstances are different, so there are three levels of pledge:

  1. To be flight free in 2022

  2. Not to fly on holiday in 2022

  3. To be flight free for life

Click here to sign the pledge and find out more about the campaign.

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