Left Bank Talks and Discussion Evenings

The next discussion will be on The BBC Licence Fee, led by Perry Walker on 15th June at 7.30pm

Come along to De Koffie Pot and play the role of someone with a strong view about the licence fee, for or against. Each character explains their point of view to the rest of the group. Then the group discusses where the common ground might be – what all the characters might have in common. Avoiding argument and the stress on approaches that work for everyone stimulate creativity.

The venue will be the Gallery Room on the First Floor of De Koffie Pot (Up the stairs and turn right).

Sorry to those who rely on Zoom, but it is felt that the style of approach that Perry uses is better face-to-face.

If you have any questions about either of Perry’s events, please get in touch with Nigel or Alan – see details of our emails below.

Wednesdays without an event…

A number of people meet up at De Koffee Pot to chat through the week’s news and have a general catch-up. They indulge in the DKP food and drinks menu, and just have a relaxing chat about ‘stuff’.

If you fancy joining the group on any Wednesday without a scheduled event, please let Alan or Nigel know you will be turning up so they can have an idea of who will be there – to make sure that you won’t be on your own (email addresses below)

Catch up on what we’ve previously discussed via YouTube….

There is a dedicated YouTube channel now, with a video play-list of many of the previous discussion evenings Catch up here!

Hope to see you (and hear from you).. The discussion evenings are free and open to all.

Suggestions and Feedback: The co-ordinators love to hear from people, so if you would like to ask questions, comment, pass any feedback or suggestions for topics, please email: alan@walden1.plus.comnigelhiggs@me.com