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This dull, unseasonal weather continues …. The other day there was a crescendo of hail on my conservatory glass roof, then came the lightning and thunder …
For all that the plants in the garden are growing up very well with many in flower.


Wednesday 26 May : Discussion Evenings : Way Forward for our Discussion Evenings? Questionnaire returns reviewed and discussion.
Link to past DEs on u tube.
Summary of last Wednesday’s DE “Free speech : what are the limits?”
Attachment : questionnaire!

Discussion Evenings : Way Forward? Questionnaire returns reviewed and discussion.
With the prospect of being able to reconvene at the Left Bank it is timely to review our Discussion Evenings : How would you like them to be developed in the future?
Attached – a questionnaire! We would very much appreciate you finding a few minutes to read and complete this so that we have feedback to inform us about taking these sessions in to the future; please support us on this one.

Click Here to access the questionnaire.

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CATCH UP on what you’ve missed on YouTube….
Did you know that we have our own dedicated YouTube channel now, with a video play-list of many of our previous discussion evenings? To catch up Click Here!

We love to hear from people, so if you would like to ask questions, comment, pass us any feedback or suggestions for topics or speakers, please reply to this email, or email specifically: nataliawaring2@gmail.comalan@walden1.plus.comnigelhiggs@me.com

Our discussion evenings are free and open to all. We hope you can make it!

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Nat, Alan and Nigel
Coordinators of the Talks and Discussions Calendar (usually!) at The Left Bank Village.

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