BUILDING SENSE Events in October

HGN’s BUILDING SENSE is on the road this month! We’re joining the Green Group’s FREE household energy clinic in Almeley Village Hall on Saturday 22nd October (see details in the post from Kington Kleen) and will be in Staunton on Wye on Saturday 29th October with the Jarvis Charities. Join us for advice and information on how to save energy and money, AND stay warmer this winter. We’re looking for volunteers to help in Staunton on Wye so if you think you can spare an hour or two please email

Herefordshire Green Doors continues throughout October. This weekend we’ve got a 3 bedroom new build passive house in Clifford with edible garden, a 1960’s bungalow that is on its retrofit journey in Ledbury and a 1930’s bungalow that was retrofit to passive house standard some time ago in Malvern so the owner has had time to assess what works, what doesn’t and can reveal snags and actual results! For more details, Click here

Air source heat pumps — a professional view on getting them right
On the 10th October, BUILDING SENSE invited Daikin, a heat pump manufacturer and supplier, to give us their insights on getting the best experience from a heat pump and answer the audiences range of questions. See what they had to say about the importance of ‘fabric first’ home improvements to reduce heating demand, how a heat pump actually works, the key differences between an air source heat pump heating system and a gas boiler heating system, the importance of heat pumps being correctly specified, installed and run and lots more! To watch a recording of the event, Click here.

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