News from Transition Leominster

Transition Leominster AGM will be on Saturday 8th October at the Community Centre 12.45 for a 1pm start. This AGM will be after the Repair Cafe taking place in the morning.

Transition Leominster have also sent this message about investing in solar power:

Big Solar Co-op share offer – help them get to their target

The Big Solar Co-op share offer is up and running. The initial target was £600,000 and they are busy working on the next batch of sites.

Anyone who has thought about investing is asked to please join up now: when the project gets to £600,000 the first batch of shares will be issued and will firm orders for solar panels and other equipment will be placed – due to supply chain issues affecting the solar market there’s a real backlog in getting the most ethical panels.
For all the details see Big Solar Co-op’s How to invest page. There are new FAQs up there and a link to the recorded webinar with more information. As ever if you have questions please call the office on 01743 835242 or email

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