Meeting about Toxic Chemical Waste at Sutton Walls Hill Fort

Herefordshire FOE will be holding a large, open meeting at Marden Community Centre on 19th October with several eminent speakers, highlighting the problem of toxic waste leakage that may come to affect the Lugg River and thus the Wye, and what can be done about the problem. 

There has been concern for many years that toxic waste and fumes have been leaking from the Sutton Walls site, threatening to contaminate the nearby air, land and ultimately the River Lugg.

The intention of this meeting is to hear from various experts their current state of knowledge and for them to have an opportunity to pool their expertise and to discuss the weathering and wildlife damage issues at this specific site. This process will be enhanced by comparing notes with other, fenced, chemical dump sites in Britain. The meeting will seek to establish a consensus on necessary monitoring, official designations, public safety liability provisions and environmental and crop safety considerations.  There is also the question of whether climate change may lead to a worsening problem of water build-up inside the site leading to potential wall collapse, as happened dramatically at another site, Brofiscin Quarry, causing extensive pollution.

The meeting is for Herefordshire people who would like to discuss the current problems and future protection, to work together with environmental guardians forming a consensus way forward.

Marden Community Centre (Marden Primary Academy – HR1 3EW)

Thursday October 19th 7pm for 7.30 pm

All are welcome.

Sponsored by Herefordshire Friends of the Earth

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