Slow Ways Update

We are making brilliant progress in our efforts to make Slow Ways an outstanding national walking network.

This newsletter outlines how things are going, what needs to be done and how you can help. We are looking for people across the country to champion Slow Ways and we’d love for you to be among them.

How things are going

So far people have contributed 7,978 Slow Ways walking routes to the network. Added together these routes stretch for an incredible 115,803 km.

The challenge is to walk, review, verify and survey all of these routes. After four months here’s what our progress looks like:

  • 2,024 route reviews
  • 22,480km of route reviews
  • 435 route surveys
  • 39 verified routes

Verified routes are routes that have been positively reviewed by three different people. This is a high bar, but we want all our verified routes to be trusted routes.

We’re keeping track of which places have the most verified routes. Birmingham is currently in the lead as three of the city’s nine Slow Ways have at least one verified route. See how many routes have been verified in a place. Simply search for a place from our home page and then scroll down to see which routes have been reviewed and surveyed.

What needs to be done

We need at least three different people to review every Slow Way route to make sure they are good enough to be in the network. To do that we need people in every town and city in Great Britain to walk their local routes.

This is a mammoth challenge that will equate to collectively walking to the moon. It’s 100% doable, we just need to take it one step at a time.

How you can help

Please help by doing one or more of these things:

Walk and review a route – Simply walking routes and posting reviews on the Slow Ways website will help. Not walked a Slow Ways route yet? Please do!

Get your town, city or village up the leaderboard – Birmingham is at the top of our leaderboard with three verified Slow Ways routes. Could you get active, organised and your town into the lead? Which town will be the first to verify all its routes? Get started by searching for your town or city here.

Share your #SlowWayHome – Get home from somewhere by using your local Slow Ways. Use the Journey Planner on the website to help design your route. Share your journey on social media using the hashtags #SlowWays #SlowWayHome and please do review the routes you use. Every review counts.

Already walked or wheeled a route but not left a review? It’s not too late – 1,398 routes have been positively reviewed once. If three people had posted positive reviews for each of these routes we’d have 1,437 routes and 18% of the network verified. If you’ve travelled a route but not left a review yet, do take the time to post one. If you’ve walked a route with other people please ask them to submit a short review too. It all adds up.

Thank you

With just 39 of 7,978 routes verified so far, let’s see how many we can award a verified ticked snail by the end of September!? Maybe we’ll even have the first village, town or city with one verified route for each of its Slow Ways… Let’s see!

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this update. Every click, step and review counts.

Keep exploring!

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