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Tempest Fugit!!!!! We are very near the end of August …. evenings drawing in ….. but still up to a couple of months of potentially nice weather …..
An initial communication about our Autumn Discussion Evening Program; we start up again on the first day of September, this coming Wednesday, in “real life” at the Left Bank.

Wednesday 1 September : Revisiting Universal Basic Income;
Brief list of upcoming DE’s;
Link to past DEs on u tube.

WEDNESDAY 1 September 2021 7.30pm

Perry Walker , Talk Shop :
Many people are interested in Universal Basic Income. But there’s never been one in the UK, although the Welsh are considering a trial at present. So how do we know what  difference it might make to our lives? Well, what we can explore – in this first face to face Discussion Evening in a long time – is the difference it made to people who took part in trials in other countries. We’ll find out about the experience of people in Canada, Finland India, Namibia and the USA. We’ll use that to understand what it could do for us.
PS We won’t be talking about other aspects, like how to pay for it.

Back to real life! We shall be in the large room upstairs in De Koffie Pot.

15 September : The Plymouth Gunman and the incel movement;
22 September : Richard Priestly : “Is a better future possible?”
29 September : Positive Thinking Session : “Should there be a zero-tolerance approach to road deaths?”;
6 October   : HWEG ( Hereford Women’s Equality Group) session.

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Our discussion evenings are free and open to all. We hope you can make it!

With all good wishes,

Nat, Alan and Nigel
Coordinators of the Talks and Discussions Calendar (usually!) at The Left Bank Village.