Green Doors – homes needed!

Thinking of making your home more energy efficient? See what your neighbours are doing this October! 

There’s nothing quite like seeing something for yourself – especially when you’re thinking of making your home more energy efficient or installing ‘green’ technologies. It’s been a long while since there’s been a ‘green open homes’ event in Herefordshire (as part of h-Energy), but Green Doors this year is hugely ambitious. It’s covering Herefordshire (dates throughout October) along with Shropshire on Saturday 8th October, and Powys on Saturday 15th. Numerous homes are opening their doors; a few of them are gorgeous new builds, but many are homes just like yours, but with some clever green technology, draught proofing, and lot and lots of insulation.

More details about this event and many more coming soon in a Building Sense special newsletter.