Finance and Funding

A theme running through this week’s newsletter is that of finance and funding. Amongst other posts in the newsletter, there are details of funds available to charities and voluntary organisations and how to apply for them. Grantfinder is a resource listing many funding opportunities for local communities and charitable organisations .

Like other groups, HGN needs funding to keep going, both core funding and funding for specific projects. Applying for funding does take time. We are looking for any volunteers who would be able to source and apply for funding on behalf of HGN. If you have had experience of applying for grant funding and would be happy to help us, please contact

Our next Members Gathering looks at a different aspect of finance. We are planning an online talk during Great Big Green Week (10th – 18th June) on ethical investing: what to do with your money so that it benefits rather than damages the planet. Full details are just being finalised and will follow next week.

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