News from Kington Kleen

 KLEEN presents:
An Evening with ENERGY TRACERS HEREFORD & WORCESTER & “K9” – The Revolutionary Dog Poo Digester
With Malvern’s Dr. Duncan Bell & Prof. Brian Harper
Wednesday 15th March 7pm at the Oxford Arms
A community based company which works with local residents to reduce their home energy bills. Using a unique Thermal Camera system and ‘Draught Maker’ which finds your homes’ draughts, damp and poor insulation and helps fix these problems. After an initial survey you will be given an audio visual recording and an advice session on low cost, DIY retro fitting to reduce your home’s energy usage. Training sessions on the practicalities of the work are also available.
Gordon says:
Costs for the surveys are from £150 to £350 depending on size of house which is very cost effective. I really appreciate that they are trying to do it so that the surveyors are well trained and local and paid, so that this can be good quality and a sustained service, unlike the voluntary free surveys we have provided by through KLEEN in the past.
For more info Click here . And for Energy Tracers website, Click here