What Jesse said…

Apparently ministers Jesse Norman and Claire Perry have called for local authorities to do more to help reduce carbon emissions and tackle air quality after it emerged just 5 councils in the whole of the UK have taken advantage of an electric car scheme.

In 2016 the Department for Transport launched the On-Street Residential Chargepoint Scheme, offering funding for local authorities to buy and install electric car charge points. The scheme makes available up to 75% of the cost of procuring and installing charge points, however local authorities have to fund the remaining costs through public and private sources.

… and it seems there has been a huge failure of uptake at local government level.

Read about it in full on the gov.uk website.


Cabinet Meeting..

For those of you who are interested, the next Herefordshire Council Cabinet meeting will consider feedback on Hereford Transport Package Phase 1 consultation and confirm scope of Phase 2 consultation and progress, including the publication of the proposed bypass routes.

More details here: http://councillors.herefordshire.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=251&MId=6245&Ver=4



£1000 TravelFund Grants

TravelFund grants are currently still available to Herefordshire businesses and organisations, offering up to £1000 for workplace facilities to support sustainable commuting and business travel.  This includes facilities such as pool bikes, changing facilities, video-conferencing, and home working IT equipment.

The closing date for this year’s funding  is 31 October 2017 – so act soon!

Funding can be offered for up to 100% of the cost of the facilities and installation.

Further details and the application form are available online at:www.herefordshire.gov.uk/travelfundgrant


If you have any queries, or would like any advice on what sort of facilities would be suitable, please do not hesitate to contact Tina Kilner from Herefordshire Council’s Choose how you move team atmove@herefordshire.gov.uk



Both this scheme and the Cycle Stand scheme are part of the Choose How You Move (Access Fund) project, funded by the Department for Transport, supporting access to work and education in Herefordshire.

FREE Cycle Parking

Herefordshire businesses and not for profit organisations are being offered the chance to receive FREE workplace cycle parking! The scheme is run on behalf of Herefordshire Council by cycling charity Life Cycle UK.

Businesses, community organisations and shops in Herefordshire are eligible to receive up to 4 FREE cycle parking stands – enough to park up to 8 bikes.

The stands will be supplied and delivered for FREE. The stands can even be installed for FREE. It’s that simple.

To apply for your free cycle parking stands, visit: www.lifecycleuk.org.uk/free-cycle-parking

For more information, contact Life Cycle UK: 0117 353 4580

On the Buses – thank you!

Thanks very much to Les Lumsdon and Anna Heywood for their contribution to last week’s very interesting and thought provoking HGN Gathering – ‘On the Buses’.

Les was particularly informative about Herefordshire bus services and policy, and alerted the audience to the possible development of a Hereford ‘transport hub’. The ‘hub’ – which should be sited next to Hereford train station – will provide coordination and facilities for those who are travelling by public transport around the county.

The hub’s development will be crucial for rural travellers – but also for local tourism, as car-free city dwellers make their way to our lovely county for their weekends and holidays…

In Herefordshire it is sometimes difficult to imagine areas of the UK where people are choosing to abandon their cars in favour of public transport. However Les stressed the figures that support the concept of ‘peak car’ – and the increasing decline of car use, particularly in urban areas.

Anna talked more specifically about the inspiring Hay Ho Community Bus – a Sunday service that is vital for local people but also for local tourism. Local businesses and Hay-on-Wye residents worked together to develop a supporters fund to continue the bus service when it was threatened with termination. Working with Yeomans, and also with Herefordshire Council to cover the legalities, this is a possible model for other local communities threatened with the closure of local services…

More information, including links to timetables (…in order for you to support this community bus service!) is available here: www.hayhobus.org.uk


See you on Wednesday!

A reminder of the various HGN meetings and happenings this week on Wednesday 20th September @ De Koffie Pot:

3pm – 7pm: The Sunset Market… there are still a couple of market stalls available – free of hire for your first market. Growers & Makers, Movers & Shakers of the Herefordshire Green Network! Come & be part of the movement to provide locals with an alternative to the supermarket on the way home from work & school. Stalls with local produce, arts & crafts, family friendly activities and local community information are all welcome. If you would like to hire a stall there are just a couple still available. Contact enquiries@herefordleftbank.com and mark FAO Sophie.

Or – of course – do just come & browse on your way to…

5pm – 6.30pm: HGN Members Meeting… To receive an agenda please confirm by email if you plan to come along to this regular meeting of the Herefordshire Green Network. Message kate@hgnetwork.org The meeting will be upstairs in the Gallery at DKP.

6pm – 7pm: And for those of you who would rather sing .. join the Turnastone Peace Choir! The singing will be upstairs in the main meeting room, all welcome.

7.30 – 9pm: On the Buses! This month’s HGN Gathering, with our own Anna Heywood and Les Lumsden. All you need to know about the state of public transport in Herefordshire: a forum to share concerns and aspirations – and to hear whats really happening on the lanes and byways of rural Herefordshire.


Hoping to see you there.


On The Buses!

The Guinness Book of Classic British TV describes On the Buses as ITV’s “longest running and most self-consciously unfunny series”. The slow demise of Herefordshire’s rural bus service is a similarly disappointing scenario.


Next week’s Herefordshire Green Network Gathering is an opportunity for all of us who are concerned about the decline of local bus services to find out more, and to hear about the opportunities to develop a more sustainable long term transport solution for Herefordshire.


Local experts Anna Heywood and Les Lumsdon will join us for this free evening of talks and discussion. Anna is co-owner of Drover Holidays and coordinator of Hay Cycle Fest. Les is the longstanding bus campaign coordinator at Rail & Bus for Herefordshire, and author of Slow Travel in the Marches. Both Anna and Les have played essential roles in the success story of the Hay Ho! Community Bus.


To find out more join us on Wednesday 20th September, 7.30 – 9pm at De Koffie Pot, Left Bank, Hereford. Or come along early from 3 – 7pm for the Sunset Market in De Koffie Pot’s lovely Courtyard, to buy fresh local produce in the early autumn sunshine. Bring a basket, and maybe you could even take the bus home afterwards…


For more about current local bus services or to look at bus timetables, click here: https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/info/200187/public_transport/154/bus_travel

Herefordshire Council Bus Consultation 

The results of the consultation and the stalwart efforts of Rail & Bus for Herefordshire (RBfH) volunteers handing out leaflets on the proposed cuts to bus services took the Council by surprise. The response to the consultation was one of the biggest they had which served to emphasise the importance of buses in both the social and economic well being of this rural county. The result was a postponement of the cuts proposed for 2017. However, the sting is in the tail as it is still on record that the council will seek to progressively reduce the bus support budget to nil over three years.

What is equally as disturbing is that operators are beginning to prune their commercial services, albeit on a small scale at the moment. This is indicative of the dire straights that some operators are finding themselves in without support, and not necessarily financial support from the local authority.

The RBfH Buses Sub-group will continue its dialogue with and lobby Cabinet members of the council. They want to stress three points:

1. That the Council needs to be more upbeat and promote existing services as a value for money contribution to our economy and social life…the constant gloom about buses is damaging every day services

2. That the definition of secondary core services in the future needs to re-instate those which serve large settlements (see below)

3. That it needs to accept that Community Transport cannot make up for the loss of mainstream routes in some areas.

An interesting point, however, that Herefordshire council have gone out to tender on eight contracts due for renewal in September 2017. The contracts involved are those for the main Hereford-Kington service and services in eastern Herefordshire operated by Astons coaches and DRMBus. Further, the contracts for eastern Herefordshire are issued individually but also as a combined contract with the title of Ledbury Area Services. One presumes that the council are hoping such an area approach where contracts can be linked using the same bus will lead to discounted prices from operators. The results are still awaited so we will have to wait and see.

In the meantime RBfH urge you to write to the Portfolio Holder for Transport, Councillor Durkin at bdurkin@herefordshire.gov.uk, together with your local councillors to seek assurance that the network of routes to our main rural settlements are maintained in the future.

Places which have populations of approximately 700-1000 deserve a service. These are places such as Bosbury, Canon Pyon, Colwall, Cradley, Eardisland, Eardisley, Hoarwithy, Kingsland, Leintwardine, Pembridge, Peterchurch, Shobdon, Staunton-on-Wye, Tillington, and Wigmore. Their services all remain at risk!


(From Rail & Bus for Herefordshire Summer Newsletter 2017 – thanks Gareth for sharing)

On the Buses

Our HGN Gathering on Wednesday 20th September is going to take us on a journey through our community transport needs.

Alongside other bus specialists and enthusiasts we will be joined by Anna Heywood of the Hay Ho Community Bus. Find out how have some communities have managed to save their local bus service or put together a viable community-run bus.

Together we’ll map out some of the triumphs, challenges, opportunities and pitfalls of our county’s rural transport services…


Highways & Byways

Join Hereford Civic Society’s for their next event on the 15th June with Civil Engineer, Richard Perkins of Balfour Beatty in Herefordshire. Richard manages and maintains the county’s huge highways network, and will be giving an illustrated insight into this subject of endless public concern and debate.


Hereford Civic Society is an independent local charity representing people who care about the City – we are the City’s built environment forum who:- 

  • Encourage high standards of architecture and town planning in Hereford

  • Stimulate public interest in, and care for the beauty, history and character of the area of the city and its surrounding

  • Encourage the preservation, development and improvement of features of general public amenity or historic interest

HCS pursues these ends by means of meetings, exhibitions, lectures, a quarterly magazine and promotion of schemes of benefit to the Hereford community.

For more information click here.

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