On the Buses

Our HGN Gathering on Wednesday 20th September is going to take us on a journey through our community transport needs.

Alongside other bus specialists and enthusiasts we will be joined by Anna Heywood of the Hay Ho Community Bus. Find out how have some communities have managed to save their local bus service or put together a viable community-run bus.

Together we’ll map out some of the triumphs, challenges, opportunities and pitfalls of our county’s rural transport services…


Highways & Byways

Join Hereford Civic Society’s for their next event on the 15th June with Civil Engineer, Richard Perkins of Balfour Beatty in Herefordshire. Richard manages and maintains the county’s huge highways network, and will be giving an illustrated insight into this subject of endless public concern and debate.


Hereford Civic Society is an independent local charity representing people who care about the City – we are the City’s built environment forum who:- 

  • Encourage high standards of architecture and town planning in Hereford

  • Stimulate public interest in, and care for the beauty, history and character of the area of the city and its surrounding

  • Encourage the preservation, development and improvement of features of general public amenity or historic interest

HCS pursues these ends by means of meetings, exhibitions, lectures, a quarterly magazine and promotion of schemes of benefit to the Hereford community.

For more information click here.

Charging Electric Vehicles

Do you worry about where you are going to charge your electric vehicle? Are you put off buying an electric vehicle because of the lack of charging points? Do you have a charging point that you could let others use?

chargie.net is a new idea to allow peer to peer sharing of charging points. It’s like Airbnb for EVs!

It would be good to see some more charging points across the Marches showing on this map so please share this link widely!

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