Food Rescue – what next..

This is a call out to those of you who came along to our HGN Gathering on Food Rescue in January…

Along with the Herefordshire Food Poverty Alliance we are starting an exciting conversation about developing some funded local projects. Many of you had projects that you were beginning to set up or talked about that evening: a local community fridge, a local food hub, food social clubs, school holiday food clubs, local gleaning projects and also of course a local Food Rescue inspired by the work of Worcester Food Rescue.

If you have bright ideas and local connections or would just like to be part of taking these conversions further please could you get in touch asap (email, so that we can make sure that your project idea is firmly in the pot as funding bids are developed.

Please pass this message on to others who you think might otherwise miss it…

Plastic… Here?

February’s Herefordshire Green Network Gathering was a lively upbeat discussion & workshop, with a focus on the growing and ever more complex issue of plastics in our environment.

Those who came along included representatives of communities and businesses from around the county including the Orcop Plastic Reduction Alliance, Hereford Community Clean Up, Sun Valley, Low Carbon Ledbury and Herefordshire Wildlife Trust local branches. There were also many of us for whom reducing plastics in our day-to-day lives is feeling increasingly urgent.

Cllr Elwyn Vaughan, who is part of the Plastic Free Powys group, kindly made the trip across the border to encourage us to Refuse, then Reuse & Recycle. Powys is busy addressing the issue of plastics by challenging mindsets, and the Plastic Free Powys group has received a good amount of publicity for their supermarket days of action – buying vegetables and then good naturedly unwrapping and returning the single use plastic packaging to supermarket. Jane Denny of Herefordshire Council joined the discussions with information about Herefordshire’s ‘Stop the Drop’ campaign to reduce plastic litter, and agreed that reducing unnecessary plastic packaging at source is what is needed.

Plastics have grown into the fabric of everything we do – the way we eat, sleep, shop, play, communicate… It is a multisystem problem and will demand a systems approach to resolve it. With this in mind we separated off into ‘open space’ based table discussions about how we can address the issues of plastics throughout our culture: in our personal lives, in our communities, in the role of corporates and supermarkets, and at government and legislative level, nationally and globally.

Outcomes of the discussions for further possible action included:

  • Finding out more about the Courtauld Commitment 2025, and how we might get involved..
  • Banning recycling!
  • Working with local supermarkets to request a plastic free aisle (thanks Phil Hughes for this!)
  • Following the lead of Plastic Free Powys – but maybe going along to supermarkets with bundles of paperbags as a suggested alternative for shoppers
  • Supporting local and national water refill campaigns
  • Educating ourselves and our friends and families about the issue in order to begin to make changes in our habits.

Opportunities that emerged over the course of the evening that would be helpful in supporting these aims included:

  • Stop the Drop’s links with local businesses including BID and Old Market,
  • The benefit of relationship building with local supermarkets through litter picking – as in the work of groups such as Emma Jones’ Hereford Community Clean Up
  • Opportunities we might have to raise public awareness through activities at local events such as the Hereford River Carnival (4 – 5th May)
  • Links with Herefordshire Wildlife Trust community groups around the county


We also agreed that those of us who would like to get some local action going should meet and discuss next steps.

If you would like to be part of some local action on plastics, please email and once there are a few names on the list we’ll decide a time to meet – and where to start!

In the meantime check out the Plastic Free resources lists on the Herefordshire Green Network website, and send along your own additions.

Hay Ho Winter Walk

A wonderful outing for a late winter Sunday if you have time this weekend..

Tucked away in the Golden Valley is one of the largest early Norman castles in Britain, but have you heard of it? Snodhill Castle has been hidden in the hills, half-forgotten, for more than three centuries but thanks to the tireless efforts of the Snodhill Castle Preservation Trust it is hoped the castle will become well-known once more.

The site is not open to the public but we are delighted to announce that a guided walk and hard hat tour will be taking place in February. The trip is a collaboration between Hay Ho! Bus, the Trust and local walking holiday provider Drover Holidays. Places on the walk and tour are FREE but ticketed. In lieu of a charge for the walk you are very much encouraged to become a supporter of the Snodhill Castle Preservation Trust (£10 per annum) and/or make a donation to the Hay Ho! Bus fund.

The walk is scheduled for Sunday 25th February 2018 leaving Hereford on the 1015 bus and returning from Dorstone on the 1509 service. To reserve your place, please email Anna Heywood-Skinner on

If you can’t make the event, or would like to do some homework, you can find out about the fascinating archaeology, history and potential future of the castle on the Trust’s website –

For up-to-the-minute information about future events and scheduled led walks please check the Hay Ho! Facebook page.

.. & don’t forget to check the Herefordshire Green Network Calendar for other forthcoming events over the coming week.. as usual there is plenty going on.
And if your organisation would like to share your own calendar events with others from the HGN network, or share HGN events with your own groups, just get in touch – we can make it happen!

Hereford Bypass?

For those of you following the Hereford Bypass campaign, here is the latest update from WyeRuinIt:

Hereford urgently needs better buses, better support for cycling and walking, 20mph speed limits, and safe routes to school. The council intend to delay these much-needed improvements until the Hereford Bypass is built in 2025.

Traffic congestion and air pollution in Hereford is a problem NOW. It will get worse as more houses are built. A £200m bypass, which you acknowledge will ‘not on its own reduce congestion,’ is not the answer. We need lower cost, proven solutions now, not in 7 years time.

Please scrap plans to develop the Hereford Bypass before any sustainable measures have been tried.

A campaign is now available on 38degrees:


There are protests this week at Drover Wood, and coloured signs are going up to show where the road will go….

And on Wednesday 28th February at Left Bank Village, the bypass will be the topic of the Big Green Conversation hosted by Herefordshire Green Party, 7.30 – 9pm.

Work with HGN

We have had some fabulously exciting applications for the HGN Event Coordinator role, who we will be shortlisting and interviewing over the coming fortnight.

If you are intending to apply, please remember that the deadline for applications is Monday 19th February at

To see the job description again, click on the HGN Events Coordiantor document via this link.

Work with HGN

HGN are very happy to announce that we have some money to spend on events, activities and outreach over the coming year, and we are looking for someone who would like to join the team & help coordinate this work.

If you have energy, a broad & enthusiastic desire to support communities through event management, activism & social media, a passion for sustainable living & carbon reduction, a yearning to work in a self directed way, and are looking for a Herefordshire based opportunity to develop your own skills and capacity, click below to read the job description and find details of how to apply:

 HGN Events Coordinator

With huge thanks to Awards for All for their support.

Tell us what you want …

We have a small amount of money set aside to put together some HGN workshops and activities over the coming year – what shall we do with it! How would you like us to ‘get active’?

Does your group need support with fundraising and social media?

Or do you need something more soul supporting… many of us have been actively working on environmental issues for decades now. How do we manage to keep going in the face of such monumental changes all around us… do we need a workshop on grief … or emotional stamina?

Or shall we just do something? Plant trees, set up a community fridge, have a big community celebration?

This survey will take you 2 minutes: Please fill it in with your ideas. Or if you would rather, just email:

The final date for all of those wonderful ideas you have about how to spend some money here now with our HGN groups is midnight on Monday 5th February.

Your groups… your thoughts?

We are collecting ideas about the type of support your local groups & organisations might benefit from over the coming year.

Would a workshop on fundraising be helpful, or some advice on social media, or support with local volunteer recruitment – or volunteer burnout…

Let us know by filling in this 2 minute online questionnaire.

We have funding from Awards for All to enable HGN to respond to our local groups needs… Let’s use it!


(the deadline for your form filling is Monday 5th February… ) …

Food Rescue…

OUR FIRST HGN GATHERING OF THE NEW SEASON! Wednesday 17th January 7.30pm at De Koffie Pot, Left Bank, Hereford, all welcome.


Global news in January is often difficult to stomach. 2017 is now officially the hottest year on record and forecasters are predicting increasingly arid landscapes around the world. Here in the Herefordshire in the winter grey, mud and rain that seems hard to imagine – but what we are confronted with is record levels of use at UK food banks, and 19% of households in Herefordshire now officially defined as living in poverty.

In a food-producing county no one should go hungry, and at our first Herefordshire Green Network Gathering of the New Year we invite you all to join a discussion about local food waste and food poverty.

Speakers include Tony Kennall from Worcester Food Rescue, an innovative local project that is dedicated to diverting end of shelf-life food from landfill to charitable organisations, plus Peter Norton of the Herefordshire’s Brightspace Foundation who is currently working with local organisations to develop a new food poverty alliance and strategy for the county, and he will share details of that project with us. We will also be joined by Jacquie Alsop, coordinator of Hereford Food Bank.

Bring along your questions and your ideas. Our aim is to gain some understanding of this issue, and explore our options for making a positive local change.

Hope to see you there.



Data Protection Law Changes … Wake Up!

Charitable organisations can’t treat privacy as an afterthought any longer. Data protection changes affect you and the clock is ticking.

HVOSS is running a free workshop for members in partnership with Kidwelly Solicitors on

Tuesday, 23rd January 10a.m -1pm
(at Kidwells House, Rotherwas, Hereford)

From May 2018, new data protection laws (GDPR) will completely change how you deal with individual’s information. All charities providing goods and services to EU residents will be required to conform to the requirements it lays down, or face serious penalties.

This session will look at what GDPR actually is, how you deal with the implementation of it practically, how it might affect your organisation and what you need to do to become compliant before May 25th. The format of this workshop: –

  1. Introduction to GDPR
  2. GDPR The Organisational and Technical Challenge
  3. GDPR context, principles, definitions & penalties
  4. Rights of the data subject, and vulnerable clients
  5. Controllers and Processors
  6. 360 degree view of the Legal Implications of GDPR
  7. Roadmap to Compliance
  8. Q&A
  9. GDPR Questionnaire & Feedback

Briefing session 10a.m – 12.30p.m followed by light lunch and consultation about future training needs, including professional services Kidwells may be able to provide in partnership with hvoss.

To book your place email or call 01432 343932 after 3rd January 2018.

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