Ecological Footprinting

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On Wednesday March 21st we are handing the HGN Gathering over to Pete Linnell who will run a session on ecological foot printing:

“Personal, Planetary, Political”

Whoever you vote for, whatever creed you live by, what really matters is the consequences of the choices you make.

The evening will outline a broad range of sustainability goals and critique a selection of indicator tools intended to test for achieving them. This examination will help us understand what effect our lives are having here and now and on everyone in the future, and include a nod to bleeding-edge policymaking and practice from other jurisdictions.

There will be a practical session on ecological foot printing (this is big picture stuff – NOT just carbon) – more on this before the 21st!

And Pete will also share some thoughts about existing policies in Wales and potential for adopting them in England.


Put the date in your diaries! Wednesday 21st March, 7.30pm – in our new home for our HGN Gatherings, the unexpectedly lovely Garden Room at Left Bank Village, Hereford, HR4 9DG.

Air Source at Caplor

Congrats to Herefordshire Renewable Energy installer Caplor Energy who have recently been given the prestigious accreditation of Business Solutions Provider by Mitsubishi Electric.

Caplor Energy’s Managing Director (and HGN Steering Group Chairperson…) Gareth Williams, commented “Air Source Heat Pumps provide a low carbon, low cost alternative to traditional forms of heating so we are proud that Mitsubishi Electric have selected us to become a trusted partner, allowing us to provide our customers with a unique service”.


To find out more visit Caplor Energy’s website:

Good News!

This week the University of Edinburgh announced it will move its entire £322million investment portfolio out of the fossil fuel industry over the next three years. That’s £6.3million it currently holds in fossil fuels companies including Total. 61 UK universities now have some form of divestment commitment totalling to £11bn contributing to £6trillion divested globally.

… To bring some of that positive divestment energy to Herefordshire we are delighted to announce that our HGN Gathering on Wednesday 18th April will be a workshop from the lovely people at Divest Cymru. The workshop has been developed by Divest Parliament in order to encourage individuals and groups to campaign for their MPs to divest from fossil fuels, but the training can also be applied to all divestment campaigns (universities, faith institutions, council pension funds etc) with practical training on how to lobby those in positions in power.

One for the diary!

To the Ends of the Earth..

Those of you who enjoyed the thought provoking script of the film HGN showed at The Courtyard last week might like to follow this link to a transcript of the film itself! What they can’t do these days.

Gordon Coppock also sent over this link for those of you who would be interested to read more about the energy cost of energy.

To The Ends of the Earth

Thanks to all of you who came along to the HGN film showing at The Courtyard on Thursday night – and especially those who stayed and contributed to a very interesting discussion afterwards.

It seems the film offered a thought provoking but only fleetingly uplifting view of the challenges we face. We currently have the extraordinary opportunity to “change by design or change by disaster” .. how will we use it?

In recognition that we need new stories to help us bridge the gulf between here and ‘de-growth’ our discussions explored the successes of the Island of Lewis, and the potential for more community energy in Herefordshire.

Toni Fagan highlighted the need to safeguard and retrofit local community assets such as our village halls and churches, and Gordon Coppock mentioned a couple of potential funders for these local projects – the M&S Energy Fund and Power to Change funding, both of which are currently closed for applications but there is lots of useful advice for communities here.

We also discussed possible help with neighbourhood plans to address issues with footpath and cycleways in our towns and villages, and Wendy Cotton mentioned that CSE in Bristol are currently able to offer support and advice to communities. Click here for more information.

Our next HGN film showing at The Courtyard on 12th April at 8pm will be An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power …another “necessary essay from the sharp end of the global warming crisis”…

In the meantime lets keep developing our new stories of hope and change at the muddy green grassroots of Herefordshire.








Help to Heat Grants

Energy company grants are currently available towards the cost of insulation and heating for qualifying Herefordshire households. Herefordshire Council have widened the criteria for grants under the government ŒFlexible Eligibility scheme ­ meaning more households can benefit (for example those on a low income but not receiving benefits).

Particularly good funding rates (up to 100%) are available for LPG, Oil and electric heating upgrades.


A poster advertising the scheme is available to download here. Please distribute / display it around your local communities as appropriate.


To the Ends of the Earth

Antidote your anger about Donald Trump’s ‘scientifically ridiculous’ tweet inviting some “good ‘ole global warming” by joining an evening with Herefordshire Green Network and an award winning film narrated by British national treasure, Emma Thompson.

To the Ends of the Earth follows concerned citizens living at the frontiers of extreme oil and gas extraction, bearing witness to a global crossroads – the mayor of an Inuit village in Canada’s high arctic who fears animal damage at the hands of seismic testing, the environmental lawyer visiting energy production zones, and the river conservationist in Utah, fighting to protect the river from oil shale projects.

To the Ends of the Earth brings forward the voices of those who not only denounce the rise of extreme energy, but also envision the new world that is taking shape in its stead: a future beyond the resource pyramid, a post-growth economy.

After the film members of Herefordshire Green Network will host a discussion exploring our own local futures. What is beyond exponential growth – and what would our world really look like if it wasn’t dominated by the current global hierarchy


“Wonderfully in touch with this historical moment.” Mark Achbar, The Corporation.


Thursday 25th January, 6pm – 8pm at The Courtyard, Hereford.


Something for the dinner table…?

… not really! But it’s a good conversation starter?

Some of you might have noticed this piece in the Guardian or on Midlands Today last week. Transition Malvern Hills are demonstrating remarkable ingenuity with the UK’s first dog poo powered street lamp…

“Dog walkers on the Malvern Hills are being encouraged to drop the waste into an anaerobic digester which converts it into methane to fuel the lamp. Ten bags are sufficient to provide two hours of light. Creator Brian Harper said he wanted to find a use for it after seeing poo-filled bags being left at the area of outstanding natural beauty….”

There’s more on the story here from Transition Malvern Hills, along with lots of other excellent project ideas too.


Keeping the energy going…

Given the storms over the past week, this is just a reminder that the Keep Herefordshire Warm energy advice line is open for calls:­ 0800 677 1432. They’re urging those who are fit and well to check in on neighbours who are not so fortunate, ­particularly in areas hit by power cuts and within isolated rural communities.

Customers relying on power for electricity equipment or vulnerable in the event of a power cut can sign up to Western Power Distribution’s Priority Services Register through Keep Herefordshire Warm.

Western Power Distribution (the electricity distributor) also operate a power cut helpline – 0800 6783 105.

And of course, those struggling to keep warm can also access free and impartial advice via the KHW helpline.

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