WOJO! & other local reading

The new edition of Herefordshire’s most recent radical online magazine is out! Click here for WOJOmagazine, an ‘intelligent investigation of the female gaze and the rich diversity of the female voice’.

This month’s magazine celebrates the slut – discussing the acceptability of female sexual behaviour, amongst other things … There’s also a plug for HGN in there within the WOJO interview, and an article from Wendy Cotton of New Leaf about our motivations to care for the environment.

And while we are on the subject of local publications – keep an eye out around the county’s bookshops, cafes, coppices and corners for the most recent edition of The Hedge. The new issue contains many thought provoking articles and beautiful illustrations – and pieces written by a number of members of HGN. All proceeds go to a charity each issue, this issue is supporting Hereford Open Door.

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