Sociocracy Workshop

Have you ever been part of a group that spends days trying to decide on the date of the next meeting? Or spent time in an organisation where the real business always happens while you are making the tea… Or attended meetings where the conversation seems to go round in ever decreasing circles.

Well here comes Sociocracy to your rescue!

Local expert Rosemary Brown will lead this free practical workshop for local groups, organisations, businesses – and anyone interested in learning how to work differently in organisations.

Find out about high-speed, low-risk decision making and processes that ensure feedback and monitoring whilst freeing up people to actually get on with things. This creative way of working is suitable for all types of groups and businesses, and offers a whole systems approach to designing and leading organizations.

The event will be interactive and give an experience of sociocracy in action, whilst working on issues of genuine concern.

Join us at 7.30pm in the Garden Room at Left Bank Village for our Wednesday 20th June HGN Gathering. This is part of our Awards for All funded ‘Get Active’ project, supporting the work of Herefordshire Green Network’s member organisations.


.. & for the purpose of the workshop please consider whether your group has an issue that you would like us to work on, and bring those issues along… We will chose a couple on which to focus, and using the sociocratic method Roz will demonstrate how the process works whilst also giving you an opportunity to discuss your projects with members of HGN.

Put the date in your diaries – and bring your groups!

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