We Have to Keep Talking About the Elections!

Wye Ruin It? are also looking into the best candidates and have produced a more updated list for us, which you can find here.

Their message is simple: our best chance to stop the bypass and get clean, smart and active transport is to Vote for Change on May 2nd.

As Patricia Ronan from Wye Ruin it? has said; The Independents, It’s Our County and the Greens have agreed to work together to form a committee system, open and accountable. They will prioritise frequent, clean and affordable public transport and cycle networks, maintain existing roads and review any need for new roads until these things are in place. Not all candidates are on board and some from other parties are on board, but cannot say officially. Those who are not yet on board may well be swayed with public pressure, so please write to your local candidate and impress upon him/her the importance of working with the Alliance towards better future transport solutions.

Wye Ruin it? have carried out extensive research to find out which of the candidates across the county are on board, or mostly on board with these principles and strongly recommend that they are supported. Please, please talk to everyone about these people and make sure to vote on May 2nd. This is the first time we have had a really good chance to change things in this county and there are many positive messages from the public in this respect. So, one big push and we can do it.

If we get a good local government, national government will have to take heed. This is the start of national political change that will instil the will in the politicians to do the right thing. Coupled with major pressure from Extinction rebellion, this message has a very good chance of getting through. Jesse Norman keeps publishing great policies on transport, but he is still funding roads and not clean new technology transport. The budget priorities must change and financial support for new roads must be abandoned.

Thanks Patricia! We don’t have long, so let’s go out and encourage people to vote the right people in!

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