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Today’s newsletter is mostly about the ongoing London action and our brave Herefordshire rebels who are doing amazing stuff, being arrested but still there – an inspiration to us all. 
So, update below – the basis of a press release which has been sent to papers:
 Herefordshire climate activists take part in Extinction Rebellion’s London protests – four arrested in peaceful demonstration 
Over 70 people of all ages from Herefordshire are known to have joined Extinction Rebellion’s peaceful climate change protests in London. The protestors include members of the Hereford, Ross, Golden Valley and Kington Extinction Rebellion groups who joined the blockade at Oxford Circus. Activists have halted traffic and reached out to passing members of the public to communicate the urgency of the climate and ecological crisis.
XR Herefordshire rebels on the march to Oxford Circus!“The protests have been totally peaceful and characterised by a good, almost festival, spirit but we are all utterly determined – the current crisis is humanity’s intelligence test. Do we listen to the scientists, act on our own observations and make the necessary changes or do we condemn our children and grandchildren to a massively impoverished future?” said Anastasia Calder, a member of the Hereford group present at Oxford Circus.
While the police stood by for most of Monday, arrests have been increasing with passing days with nearly 400 made so far according to the BBC. Among these are 4 Herefordshire activists, Maggie Setterfield, Kate Bull, Jaz Grassie and Tamsyn Cowden.

“We are just ordinary people who recognise the state we’re in and are reaching out to others to join us in our call to parliament to adopt immediate all-encompassing climate emergency legislation”, said Maggie Setterfield. “The response from the public has been very positive and heart-warming and even some of the police have been very sympathetic.”

Kate Bull, one of the Kington group commented, “Time is running out and our situation requires strong and immediate action. History has shown us that non-violent direct action expedites social change – our actions with Extinction Rebellion follow in the footsteps of the suffragettes and all those who took action in the Civil Rights Movement in the United States to help make a better, fairer world”.
XR rebels at Oxford Circus.Extinction Rebellion’s supporters include activist Greta Thunberg, writer and actress Dame Emma Thompson Former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, journalist George Monbiot, academic Noam Chomsky and
Herefordshire’s own Ellie Goulding.
On Wednesday, TV presenter and naturalist Chris Packham attended the Oxford Circus blockade to express his strong view that while inconveniencing the public with travel delays was regrettable, immediate and drastic action is needed to make the transition to a carbon-zero future.  XR members Cathy and Clare There are signs that the protests are already having an impact with Environment Minister, Michael Gove, responding to the protests by saying that“we’ve got the message, we understand that action needs to be taken.”Extinction Rebellion have pledged that they will continue their protests to ensure that the Government does indeed act on the Minister’s words.
Greta Thunberg
Who doesn’t know and love this girl?  She’s on her way to London and said she would love to join the XR rebels. 

2019-04-20- LATEST UPDATE!
Having been joined by the fabulous Dame Emma Thompson yesterday, who spoke from the ‘Tell the Truth’ boat, the rebels from Oxford Circus are tonight marching to Marble Arch, directing their energies towards the other locations, now that police have removed the boat from Oxford Circus.Meanwhile, about as far removed from London as you could get, XR Ludlow & Leominster had a stall at Aardvark Books Easter Fair in Brampton Bryan.XR Ludlow & Leominster stall at Brampton BryanAmidst the rolling hills and stunning Shropshire countryside, we took the XR message out to the villages.  Great to engage with local people, most of whom, due to the XR actions in London and resulting rise in awareness, now know all about XR and our aims.  Overwhelming support, in the main and a really positive and rewarding day 🙂  It feels like change is happening!

HGN Meeting 17th April
A very encouraging meeting, with a packed room of XR members, farmers, councillors and representatives from renewable energy companies.amongst others.  More details to follow in the next MailChimp newsletter – watch this space! 
Our thoughts and gratitude are with those holding the sites in London. 

Stand fast…. Greta is coming! 😊

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