Vision of community market garden for Hereford

Growing Local is gradually progressing its vision of a Community Market Garden for Hereford, and is holding its first PUBLIC MEETING about the scheme, in early January.

Growing Local would love to hear from HGN members, about any of the following:

• Do you believe this is the right development for Hereford? 

• Let us know if you might be interested in becoming a member of the scheme, for example by subscribing to receive weekly fruit and vegetables and/or offering volunteer time to the project. 

• Get in touch if you might be interested in driving the project forward in any way.  We need a dedicated team of people to make this happen! 

• Let us know if you have up to ten acres of land for sale or lease close to Hereford city that would be suitable for the scheme, or if you know of any landowners who might be able to help. 

• Please share with us your thoughts and ideas as we move forward, and of course come along to the public meeting on Wednesday 8 Jan, 7pm at the Kindle Centre, Hereford.

To discuss further please contact Pat on 07813 622890 or email

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