Thanks so much for a great h.Energy weekend!

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in & supported h.Energy 2018‘s activities this year!

Despite the wild weather over the weekend we had a busy & fruitful day at the Kindle Centre on Saturday – lots of people came to admire the beautiful range of electric cars & bikes on display – some were lucky enough to take a spin in them!  Inside the Kindle Centre, we swapped & mended clothes, repaired bikes, tools, household items, chatted & shared information about our Members’ activities, cooked and enjoyed a community feast with Growing Local and the South Wye refugee community.

The fun continued at Queenswood on Sunday. You joined our walks, saw Art in the Park, learned how to carve spoons, make bee wraps, toothpaste from scratch and bags from newspaper. There was loads of info shared about how to live without plastic and many happy shoppers will be using their new local, plastic free goodies.

And there were plenty of open houses too, thanks so much to everyone that opened their homes.

There’s still more to come:

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