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How to Help Tackle the Climate Crisis and have a good time doing it!

I’m acting as Herefordshire Coordinator for a scheme that will provide oak trees to any landowner in the county who has a suitable home, be it for one tree or 1000. Trees are priced at 25p each, but we can get a discount to 20p per tree. To do so we need to order 1000 trees to get the best price. So we’re arranging a bulk order and fingers-crossed we will get to a thousand, or more! At the moment we are simply asking for donations from Parish Councils as we believe that will cover our costs. 

The oak saplings are three years old and will be small, (ie between 20cm and 80cm), and will come to the main delivery point in bags of 100. We will organise the payment to the nursery and the distribution of the trees around the county. Trees should be planted within a week of receiving them. We will order the oak trees by the end of September for delivery in early January. So please confirm your orders with me to by Friday 25 September if at all possible.  We’re working with Herefordshire Wildlife Trust, in-line with their ’Trees & Climate Emergency’ policy (click here for a copy) which focuses on ‘planting the right trees, in the right places’. The Trust will provide some aftercare guidance for anyone who takes a tree. If you have any more detailed questions about your land and how best to tackle the climate emergency the Trust are happy to provide more specific advice be it about other trees, wildflower meadows or whatever.

We are using Maelor Forest Nurseries near Wrexham. These are trees from locally sourced seed as local provenance is important for wildlife & environmental reasons, improved survival rates etc (click here for details). As we are ordering for Herefordshire the trees will be suitable for local planting.

If you have any further questions by all means give me a ring on 07974 770212. Please do spread the word far & wide, the more people that take part the more trees we plant, and the sooner we’ll get to our longer-term aim of doubling tree cover in the county

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