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From Nat and Alan: Details of upcoming talks are below. Please, as ever, do pass on to individual friends and family, but please do not share this access information publicly on social media. 

Volunteer opportunity. We are looking for volunteers! Would you like to be more involved with the discussion evenings, scheduling topics, helping presenters to make sure they’re ready, maybe even leading a talk or discussion of your own? If you’d like more information about the different things, we need help with or know someone who would, just reply to the email below.

An Autumn of Discussions On Zoom 

Travel Tales Wednesday 16th September, 7.30pm – 9.30pm

In this challenging and uncertain times, one thing that many people will have been missing is the ability to get away from it all, explore new places and visit far off lands! So, we’ve came up with the idea of a ‘Travel Tales’ discussion evening! Have you got any tales of adventure or misadventure? Any stories from abroad that could transport us for at least an evening? Even in normal times it is nice to hear other people’s holiday experiences and we think even more so now. So please come along with one of your travel tales!  Tell us what you liked (or didn’t like), or what you learnt or why you’d recommend we travel there when we the opportunity presents. 
Join Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81960972448?pwd=VnRlc1RFYm5vTnF3c3BEamtib1hodz09 Meeting ID: 819 6097 2448 Passcode: 484728

An Evening of Nature Poetry and Prose Wednesday 23rd September, 7.30pm – 9.30pm

We’ve had some very successful poetry evenings in the past on subjects such as human rights and Valentine’s and this evening we make nature our theme. Have you got a favourite piece of poetry or prose about our wonderful wildlife in this world? Planet Earth and Mother Nature have got to be one of, if not the greatest inspiration for creativity that we know of. So, let’s all share the joy of some work from talented human beings who have made the sand, the seas, the rivers, the mountains, flora and fauna their muse. And I’m sure some conversation will follow about the great ecological and climate catastrophe looming that threatens all that we love and should hold dear.  Join Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81037399270?pwd=aUR0bnA5UU04M050UDJlWTV1b3ZYUT09 Meeting ID: 810 3739 9270 Passcode: 747947

Forest Gardens with Martin Niecho Wednesday 7th October, 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Forest gardening follows the layered principles governing natural stable forests. Forests are diverse and resilient places.  In the plant world security is in diversity, so by planting 50 different species that you can eat, if one crop fails due to changing environmental conditions you still have 49 others. Forest gardens may contain large trees, small trees, shrubs, herbaceous perennials, herbs, annuals, root crops and climbers. An edible forest garden provides food security in an increasingly insecure world;  removes carbon from the air and is part of a green recovery. We can create a beautiful, peaceful space to be, that you can eat! Once planted a forest garden generally looks after itself; it’s low maintenance, no annual digging; seeding; daily watering; no chemicals and if you design it well, no inputs from outside of the system at all: This is sustainability at its’ best and has to be part of our long-term future!  Join Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82559338770?pwd=aHh6Zld5RjVUS3VwSjlCQUVyOGtiQT09 Meeting ID: 825 5933 8770 Passcode: 752857

Best wishes, Nat, Alan and Nigel  Coordinators of Talks and Discussions (usually!) at The Left Bank Village nataliawaring2@gmail.com

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