From Councillor Ellie Chowns:

Herefordshire Council planning checklists re climate and nature have been published and are now online

The Climate Change compliance checklist supports policies which require development proposals to:

  • include measures which will mitigate their impact on climate change, at both a strategic level and through requiring such measures in design criteria
  • incorporate sustainability measures and give consideration to climate change impacts through design

Click here for a copy of the checklist: climate change compliance

The Biodiversity and Ecology compliance checklist aims to ensure that development proposals should conserve, restore and enhance the biodiversity and geodiversity assets of Herefordshire

Click here for a copy of the checklist: biodiversity and ecology compliance

These checklists are intended to encourage applicants to explicitly consider climate and nature (based on existing Core Strategy policies) but don’t have formal weight in the planning decision process. However, the council is now developing new supplementary planning guidelines on environmental building standards, and these will have formal weight in the planning process. They will also feed into the forthcoming review of the Core Strategy.

In the meantime, Ellie would be really happy to hear any comments / feedback on the