Funding for small groups! Transition Network funding and Bounce Forward project

We have got some great stuff to tell you about as we launch our new Transition Bounce Forward project, apply for seed funding for your group, find out about our new What If visioning exercise, watch our  webinars online, read on to find out more and don’t forget to get your application in for seed funding

Transition Network

Transition Bounce Forward Launched

Thanks to National Lottery players, The National Lottery Community Fund has awarded £267,113 to Transition Network which will be used to provide support and strength to Transition Groups response to COVID-19 through Seed funding, What if – Visioning process and a What Next Online Summit. Find out all about it here

The funding is divided in two pots: 140 micro grants of up to £500 and 20 full grants of up to £3500

Transition: Seed-funding micro grants

To be eligible for a seed-funding grant you first need to be registered as an initiative on the Transition Network website, a simple gateway to tell us that you understand and practice Transition Principles in your work.

The micro grants of up to £500 are designed to be super light touch. We simply want you to let us know what you want to do through one short written paragraph, or short audio or video description. You might apply if you need to book a room, pay a facilitator, buy new garden equipment, make some signage or buy tools for a repair café, for example. The micro-grants are all about unblocking low cost solutions that only need a small amount of money to help you get on with what you do best, where you are. Projects need to be completed by the end of September 2021.

Click here for more details

If you’re thinking about applying for the micro grants or the full grants, the deadline for application is the same – 30th November 2020.

In case you missed them, you can now catch up with all the What is webinars on the Transition Bounce Forward website.

There is lots more going on:

  • Help us to evaluate the Transition Movement
  • Re-energising Training for Transition: Feedback from Webinars
  • Neighbourhood Parliaments opportunity

Visit the Transition Network web pages for more details

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