From Nat and Alan: Details of upcoming talks are below. Please, as ever, do pass on to individual friends and family, but please do not share this access information publicly on social media. 

WEDNESDAY 24TH JUNE (7.30pm – 9pm): Black Lives Matter 
We want our events to be as inclusive as possible and are conscious that we struggle to reach a diverse Herefordshire audience. Racism has been a problem in this county, country and across the World for far too long. This group aims to be a platform to give people voices, so no one is suffering in silence.

The protests and removal of statues and discussion around them have been an awakening. Direct democracy can come in many different forms and change can be brought about in different ways. We’d like to discuss this movement further through this forum at this discussion evening.

We would like people in Herefordshire that have felt directly affected by racism to be part of this conversation. We want to create a space where people can share their experiences of discrimination and be heard by open hearts and open minds. If you have not seen it already, the lovely local Jess speaks bravely about her personal experience – to watch, click here:

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WEDNESDAY 1ST JULY (7.30pm – 9pm): Nic Howes on the Hereford Yazor Brooks Restoration Project

The Yazor, Widemarsh and Eign Brooks are successive sections of the Wye’s largest tributary through Hereford City. Nic has participated in most aspects of the Hereford Yazor Brooks Restoration Project for the Wildlife Trust for more than two years. He will give an illustrated talk explaining the context and history of the Project, its work and outcomes including an illustrated virtual exploration of Hereford’s little known watercourses. Webinar, followed by questions and discussion (Organised by Hereford Civic Society)
Nic would like to share with you this link to a video journey down the City Brooks: click here

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WEDNESDAY 8TH JULY (7.30pm – 9pm):  Richard Priestley, Environmental Activist and Blogger presents Big Questions and ‘Unthinkable’ Answers

There is a network of interlinked crises: climate, ecological, inequality. There is much talk of a ‘Green New Deal’ amid the Covid crisis. How should we invest vast sums of money to best effect? A few weeks ago Richard gave a podcast video for the Cathedral. The subject was the politics of climate change. A number of people emailed things they would like him to expand upon and so Richard will use this session to do so. This will begin a series of talks that is not set in stone: it will evolve in response to questions and comments from the participants. Initial sessions will have global focus. Later sessions may concentrate on what could be done locally. Richard’s Podcast Video: Richard blogs from time to time: You can e-mail Richard at

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WEDNESDAY 22ND JULY (7.30pm – 9pm) – Food Standard and the US Trade Deal

We’ll be talking about the recent article by George Monbiot. Full blurb to follow – click here for background:

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