The Crowdfunder page for the Sustainable Future Centre is still live. Even a ‘like’ of the page will help to get funding for the next phase of the project – click here for details.

What’s it all about ?

Our vision is to create a space where groups, businesses and individuals can take part in a conversation about the future. What will it look like if we carry on as we are? What can be done about some of the most pressing issues of our time, i.e. climate and biodiversity breakdown?

The Centre will be your Centre, available to host meetings; workshops and information events; curated exhibitions and for sustainability education. ALL are welcome to use the space, which currently hosts an exhibition with information about international, national and local issues, as well as inspiring solutions and local action.

Queenswood attracts thousands of visitors per year so our message, your message, has the potential to reach far and wide and beyond the usual suspects.

This particular Crowdfunder is to raise money for fun, interactive, educational resources for all ages. Seeing things work for yourself creates a better chance for learning…  pedalling a bicycle generator while it powers a drill, or seeing a solar panel switch a light on and off is so much more memorable than dry statistics about energy !

‘Don’t tell them how to do it, show them how to do it’  Maria Montessori

We want to co-create these resources with local artists, educators and makers so even the process of creating them is a local community activity as well as learning for those involved. 

Check out our video on the project page to find out more by clicking here

We’re through to the second round of the Calor Community Fund and every like or donation we get takes us closer to getting the funding.  You do have to register on the page for your ‘like’ (or share) to count, but it’s pretty quick and easy especially if you sign in using Facebook, so please do it if you can. The Centre is for all of us: for a more sustainable future.

Thanks. From all of us at New Leaf, Herefordshire Wildlife Trust and Queenswood