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From Nat and Alan: Details of upcoming talks are below. Please, as ever, do pass on to individual friends and family, but please do not share this access information publicly on social media. 

US Election: A Review and a Look into the Future Wednesday 25th November, 7.30pm – 9pm

What really gave Trump his mass appeal? What changed during his presidency and what did he really deliver? As the world looks on at Trump trying to cling to power as Joe Biden gets ready to move into the White House, we discuss what the future holds for an increasingly divided America. After an exhausting election for observers, let alone US citizens, join us to digest the drama and hopefully make some sense of it. To set the scene, we will begin the evening with some explanations of the electoral system in the US and it’s structure and governance.

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Nineteen years of Herefordshire through the Dean’s eyes  Wednesday 2nd December, 7.30pm – 9pm

The Dean of Hereford Cathedral, Michael Tavinor, has decided it is time to retire and so we have asked Michael if he would like to share his thoughts and memories on how Hereford has evolved over his tenure, what challenges both the city and cathedral have faced and what they might face in the future, before he leaves the Cathedral at the end of January. 

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A History of Education Wednesday 9th December, 7.30pm – 9pm 

We will start with a look at what form education has taken from the beginnings of time and for what purpose and what effect. How has the human race gained, recorded and disseminated knowledge over the ages? Then over to you for discussion; What of education today? What different forms does it take and how fair and effective is it? Let’s consider how education is to prepare us for the future – to address all problems and realise the potential of the human race, our societies, and, indeed, every individual.

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Win-Win Democracy Wednesday 16th December, 7.30pm – 9pm 

Citizens assemblies have become all the rage in the UK, Ireland and other parts of Europe. That’s marvellous. However, the fact that they are a process will limit their appeal. Win-win democracy is about changing the outcome for which politics aims, from win-lose (also called zero sum) to win-win (positive sum). We are not, though, presenting this approach as a panacea. For instance it is difficult to implement if you cannot get parties in conflict to sit down in the same room. Perry Walker, Talk Shop, will explain more about the concept and suggest why Win-Win democracy is both desirable and feasible.   

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Catch up on what you’ve missed…. Did you know that we have our own dedicated You-Tube channel now, with a video play-list of many of our previous discussion evenings. Catch up here! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvDLSIGgn42SmPLzXp4LBONd91jxm6nF-

Other events you may be interested in….Thursday 26th November, 7pm – 8.30pm Online Talk: Coppicing at Queenswood  Herefordshire Wildlife Trust’s City Branch host Nic Howes who will give a talk via Zoom on the coppicing work that was launched with a coppicing training course in 2018 at South Wood at Queenswood.
Register for this free online event here: https://www.herefordshirewt.org/coppicingtalk

Our discussion evenings are free and open to all. We hope you can make it! Best wishes, Nat, Alan and Nigel Coordinators of the Talks and Discussions Calendar (usually!) at The Left Bank Village. Feel free to contact us: nataliawaring2@gmail.comalan@walden1.plus.com  or nigelhiggs@me.com

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