Important Message from XR Hereford!

A recent decision by Herefordshire Council to spend a further £3.5m on developing plans for the Hereford Bypass is the subject of a “call-in” by opposition councillors.

The call-in is to be discussed at a special meeting of the General Scrutiny Committee on Friday 29th March at 10.15, in Shire Hall, Hereford.

The Decision is totally at odds with Council’s climate emergency declaration.

If you can make it on Friday to boost the numbers in the public seats, it will help remind the Council that 8th March was not a one-off, and their action / inaction on climate change is being carefully monitored!

The weekly vigil outside Jesse Norman’s office in Broad St Hereford starts at 12 noon on Friday. The Scrutiny Committee meeting should be over well before then if you want to join the vigil.

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